100% stocks, 0% commission

The advantages of buying stocks on Marketswave don’t end with pricing. There are also no limits on asset purchase, you can aslo buy fractional shares with 0% commission fees.

Our 0% Means

  • ✔ NO charges on deposit
  • ✔ NO charges on asset purchase
  • ✔ NO charges on asset trading
  • ✔ NO charges on asset returns
  • ✔ NO charges on withdrawals
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The choice is yours, We gat the works.

We have all the stocks at your disposal to buy from, Buy the stocks you love or the once in good rates, what ever your choice is, we will make it work for you. This is our promise.
Marketswave is all about making investing accessible and easier. With low fees and minimum deposits, combined with our user-friendly platform, stock investing is something everyone can do.
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